Fiberglass Orthopedic Casting Tape

How To Use


Fiberglass Substrate

ALTOCAST is a synthetic orthopaedic casting tape made of knitted fiberglass or polyester substrate impregnated with water-activating polyurethane resin. The fabric is extensible in all directions. which makes it very comfortable in use.

Exposure to any moisture will cause the tape to become rigid. the setting time is approximately 4 minutes and it takes 20 minutes for full weight bearing.

Smooth Finish

high quality knitted substrate and special resin formula provide smooth surface and strong layer adhesion.

Superb and Distingushed Color

Excellent Moulding

Superior multi-direction stretch gives excellent moulding on curved area.


  • Surgical gloves should be worn while using the cast to avoid that the polyurethane resin adheres to unprotected skin and clothing
  • Avoid punching and damaging the bag, as it will cause the cast to solidify prematurely in the bag. Open only one bag at a time and use it immediately, because room humidity can cause the cast to solidify
  • The cast should be stored in a cool, dry and ventilated atmosphere. The proper temperature is 15-30OC and humidity should be less than Rh60%
  • It should be operated by a doctor or a medical professional
  • The date of production is marked on the bag. The period of validity of products three years

Other Details:

2’’ Children hands, fingers and toes
3’’ Children wrists, ankles, arms and legs
4’’ Children legs and ankles, adults arms and legs
5’’ Adult arms and legs
6’’ Adult arms and legs


2inX4yds (5.0cm X 3.6m)
3inX4yds (7.5cm X 3.6m)
4inX4yds (10.0cm X 3.6m)
5inX4yds (12.5cm X 3.6m)
6inX4yds (15.0cm X 3.6m)

Altocast Pouch Packages

Altocast Inbox Package


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